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Do’s and Don’ts while dating a filipina !

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Filipinas can make one of the beautiful and caring wives in the world , BUT , if things go wrong ( which DO for many btw ) , it can turn out to be a nightmare for the unfortunate ones.

So here’s my list of do’s and dont’s while dating a filipina ( when you ARE in the Philippines , online dating matters would be addressed to on a different article ) :-

Dos :-

Do be polite . Filipinas in general are very polite people and would love hangaround those who treat them with respect .

Do try to know her family .- By this i mean DO try get in touch with her family if not done yet . Filipinas are very family-oriented , and would appreciate your concern for their families . And also DO try to do your own background check of the family done like what do their neighbors think about them ? Do they have any criminal record ? Are they known for borrowing money regularly and not paying back ( more common than not ) ? Are they respected in their locality ? What do their relatives think about them ? etc .

Do be aware of the culture shocks you’ll be upto .- She’s belongs to a different country with a different way of living AND thinking . Dont expect her to think like you or behave exactly like you , or else you’ll be up to a huge disappointment .


Dont try to impress her with money or gifts . – Coz if thats what you’re doing , you’re simply putting up a board on your head which says “love me for money” . The girls who love you for what you have in your wallet are simply not the kinds girls you want to be with .

Dont try to invest on her name . – Many have warned foreigners not to do so , but many still do and fail miserably . Everyone thinks that his filipina is “not like the others” and he found the perfect one . I cant even count how many times ive heard filipina girlfriends/wives leaving their foreign partner after the business he invested in started reaping profits .

Dont buy property on her name . – The Philippine law doesnt allow foreigners to own land in the Philippines . There’s just one way to go about it – simply DONT . Unless untill you dont mind losing thousands of dollars for plain stupidity .

Dont EVER date a filipina who’s already married – Doing so can lead you to get arrested if the filipina’s husband files a police charges against you . Then you might end up in jail and spending thousands of dollars more to be able to go back home . There’s nothing called Divorce in the Philippine law , and dating a married woman is illegal by any means .

Dont live-in with your filipina girlfriend/ wife near her family’s place . – Doing so can lead to constant persuasion to lend money to her family and relatives , which if done – will end up never coming back , and if not done – can result in her family disliking you and labelling you as “greedy” .

Dont get involved with a minor – Even though it might seem easy here to land a young filipina , and even though many filipinos do so without getting in to any trouble . YOU , as a foreigner , can be milked for money by the police officials or even the girls family or end up in jail if you do so .

So here’s my small of the dos and dont while dating a filipina . Comment if you have any more .


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